Premio Latinoamericano de Periodismo de Investigación 2016

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Transparency International (TI) and Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (Press and Society Institute, IPYS), with the support of the Open Society Foundation, announce the 2015 edition of the Latin American Investigative Journalism Award, which aims to encourage professional excellence in this specialty. The organizers wish to promote greater transparency in government, business and the media, as well as the control of social expenditure. The award is open to all investigations of public interest issues.

The Awards

The Jury may also award Honorable Mentions to any investigations it deems fit. The authors of the best research will be invited to present their work at the Latin American Conference on Investigative Journalism (COLPIN 2015), to be held in Lima, Perú, from November 20 to 23 this year.

The Participants

Journalists may submit their work individually or as a research team. They may submit one or more investigations published in a Latin America or Caribbean media outlet in Spanish, Portuguese or English. Research teams will designate a representative on registering.

The participating work must have been published during 2014 in print, radio, television or electronic media. No media outlets or companies may participate. Books are not allowed. Any investigations disseminated unsigned or under a pseudonym shall be admitted with a certificate of authorship issued by the media outlet. Associations, civil society organizations, academic institutions or media outlets may submit one or more investigations by a journalist if they meet all the requirements included in the guidelines.

IPYS and Transparency International may nominate investigations directly to the Jury in the expectation that the author or authors will formalize their registration.

Award Criteria

The Jury will confirm, firstly, that the work presented is in fact an investigation, that is, that it discovered one or more relevant newsworthy events through proper and systematic journalistic research. The Executive Summary required in these guidelines is one of the sources of information. The importance and impact of the discovery will be valued as virtues, as well as the qualities of the research that led to the finding.

Jury members shall refrain from voting for a particular candidate in the event any conflict of interest arises.

Presentation of the Investigations

The use of digital formats is recommended for the delivery of the work: PDF or Word files for articles published in print media; files in MP3, MPG, AVI, which can be played in Windows Media Player, for work broadcasted by radio or TV; Web addresses for articles published in electronic media.

The organization will receive all applications by email and by post only those audio and video files that, because of their extension, cannot be sent through this medium.

The work should be sent to the following email addresses: /

Any files that need to be submitted to a postal address should be sent to: Instituto Prensa y Sociedad / Calle Colina 113, Oficina 402 / Barranco Lima-Perú

Participants are also required to submit a digital photograph of the author and an Executive Summary of the investigation that must include the following information in no more than 2,000 words:

Registration, deadlines and references

Submissions will be received by email or post until August 17, 2015. Once a submission has been accepted, the organization will confirm this to the recipient via email.


The Jury for the Award is constituted by Gustavo Gorriti (Perú), Marcelo Beraba (Brazil) and Gerardo Reyes (Colombia).


The Award will be presented to the authors or representatives of the winning investigations in a special ceremony within the framework of the Latin American Conference on Investigative Journalism (COLPIN 2015) to be held from November 20 to 23 this year in Lima, Peru.

Right to petition

The Award organizers reserve the right to request, at any stage of the evaluation process and work selection, additional information about any submitted investigation. Investigations sent by post will not be returned.

General Notice

On entering the Award, the organizers are given the right to use the name, publication, voice and image of nominees without compensation, to promote and publish all that is related to the awards program and prize-giving ceremony in any media outlet globally. The nomination process and award selection is carried out in compliance with applicable laws concerning protection, privacy and data security.

Premio Latinoamericano de Periodismo de Investigación 2015